E-Tickets, E-Tickets, E-Tickets!

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E-tickets are u-biquitous.

E-tickets, also referred to as Print-at-Home tickets, are becoming a popular ticket delivery option for many organizations. And rightly so. Not only do they allow organizations like yours to manage your box office more efficiently, but they also give you a better handle on your overall event attendance.

Event days are stressful enough, and the last thing any box office needs is a long Will Call or Ticket Purchase line. This is where the usefulness of E-tickets really shines. Patrons purchasing their tickets in advance can skip the Will Call drama and head right to the venue entrance, E-ticket in hand. Patrons not wanting to wait in line to buy tickets can purchase their tickets on their smartphone, specify an E-ticket delivery, access their E-ticket immediately after they complete their purchase, and head right to the venue entrance.

We’re often asked about how secure E-tickets are. The reality is that they are as secure as you decide to make them. We recommend that you scan your E-Tickets, and offer real-time barcode validation through the use of our proprietary TixScan app that can be used on your iPhone or iPod Touch devices. If your organization is not scanning the barcode that appears on the E-ticket you leave yourself open to the potential for someone with an itchy Xerox finger to commit fraud. Validating the barcode by scanning it eliminates the risk that one E-ticket will be used for multiple admissions.

So, how feasible is it for your organization to begin using E-tickets? The pros are plenty:

  • Cost effective
    Adding an E-ticket delivery option to your online and box office purchasing process should be inexpensive to implement. We don’t think it makes sense to charge an organization a fee to allow their customers to print their own tickets…on their own printer…using their own paper. We’ll leave that there.
  • Portable
    Most customers print their E-ticket and bring it with them to the event. However, since E-tickets are delivered electronically your customers can access their E-ticket at any time via their smartphone or tablet.
  • Customizable
    Most ticketing companies allow organizations to customize their E-tickets. Our E-tickets can be customized to include your organization’s branding, driving directions and a map to the venue, and advertising. (More on that in a moment.)
  • Revenue-generating
    Consider selling advertising space on your E-ticket to generate additional revenue. Many organizations solicit their local businesses, like restaurants, for this purpose and end up creating lasting partnerships as a result. Use your E-ticket to promote your organization’s upcoming season, or featured production.
  • Eco-friendly
    There is something to be said about eliminating the need for using paper whenever possible. Encourage your patrons to join your organization in its desire to be eco-friendly and reward them if they present their E-ticket electronically…free drink ticket maybe?

The cons? Well, they’re not so much cons as they are considerations. You know your customers better than anyone and it may be that E-tickets may not be well-received by your patrons, because of their demographic, or it may be that your organization presents events where your printed (hard) tickets are treated like keepsakes or mementos, or it may even be that your organization simply prefers hard tickets in the same way that some people would never read a book on a Kindle.

It’s probably not too big of a leap to say that E-tickets are here to stay. We’ve made them available to our client for years and have seen the use of them become more and more prevalent. If you would like more information about implementing E-tickets for your organization, give us a call.

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