Why Your Organization Absolutely NEEDS to be using Snapchat

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Why does your organization absolutely need to be on Snapchat?
I’ll give you 6 billion reasons why. Six Billion is how many video views a day all of Snapchat receives. Putting that number into perspective, YouTube averages around 4 billion. That’s right, the world’s largest video site is seeing less video views than Snapchat.

Now that I have your attention, lets read a bit more about how Snapchat is on the verge of dominating the market as we know it.

Snapchat is a relatively untapped market when it comes to engaging your patrons. Adding the Discovery feature last year opened some eyes on the potential of Snapchat, but not all eyes. With the “just for teenagers” stigma looming over it, some organizations may be afraid to use it.

Breaking News: Snapchat is no longer just a platform for teens. Snapchat’s continued growth now has ¾ of their US users over the age of 18, with a huge forecast of growth in the 18-25 market. Not to mention the continued growth of the 12-17 market that currently uses Snapchat.

So how can your organization use Snapchat to promote?
Promoting your organization is easier than it sounds, trust me. First things first, you need a Snapchat account. You can download the app by searching Google Play or the Apple App Store for Snapchat. After downloading the app, you can set up your account.

Next, follow the directions to create a Snapcode. What’s a Snapcode? It’s an image similar to a QR code you post on your website and social channels. All your soon to be friend has to do is select “Add by Snapcode”, tap the Snapcode to add you. Users can also find you by the more traditional route of searching username. Make sure your username is friendly and associated with your organization.

Now that you’re setup with an account, what’s next?
Time to think about creating content for your new friends.  I’ll give you a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Post behind the scene videos/photos of your current production.
    People love to see what is going on behind the scenes of pretty much anything. What you may think on a day to day basis is boring, your patrons may feel the exact opposite.
  • “A Day in the Life” type of series takeover.
    Let someone in your organization take over the Snapchat. They can post about what their day looks like leading up to show times, rehearsals etc.
  • Snapchat your event live.
    As the event is taking place post to your Snapchat. Let your friends know that couldn’t make it, what they’re missing.

Because Snapchat images and video are available for a short time, it is an easy way to offer quick promotions.If you’re trying to fill the house, post a code on Snapchat that your patrons can use for discounted tickets or other perks. Offering a coupon is also a great way to keep track of your engagement with your new friends on Snapchat.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing Snapchat within your organization. Don’t just take my word for it.  Give Snapchat a try…you may just fall in love with it.

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